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      Wherefore a holy law forbids that Being"I have heard of her. But she is very rich."

      It was by an analogous, though, of course, far more complicated and ingenious adjustment, that Hegel sought to overcome the agnosticism which Kant professed to have founded on a basis of irrefragable proof. With both philosophers, however, the sceptical principle was celebrating its supreme triumph at the moment of its fancied overthrow. The dogmatism of doubt could go no further than to resolve the whole chain of existence into a succession of mutually contradictory ideas.

      "That's the man, sergeant," he said. "And I hope I have seen the last of him. Are you going to advertise those notes?"

      Among exceptions to the ordinary plans of constructing trip-hammers, may be mentioned those employed in the American Armoury at Springfield, U.S., where small hammers with rigid frames and helves, the latter thirty inches long, forged from Lowmoor iron, are run at a speed of 'six hundred blows a minute.' As an example, however, they prove the necessity for elasticity, because the helves and other parts have to be often renewed, although the duty performed is very light, such as making small screws.

      "No you don't," said Lawrence coolly. "Of course, it would be a very dramatic finish to the night's adventure, but I can't permit it. Go easy.""Are you a friend of the prison----, I mean of Dr. Bruce?" asked the inquisitive one.

      True, it was an illusion, and man had always known that. For generations he had known that the universe contained more than his limited faculties could perceive. And beauty. There had always been the consoling fact of beauty, lulling the race of man to content, while every now and again a great mind arose and made one more effort to sweep aside the bejewelled splendour that hung between man and his final destinyto know.


      "Captain,"--I swallowed a lump--"what others?"


      And the real truth was that he had no desire to interest himself in the matter. It disturbed his mental equilibrium, and threatened the validity of that carefully considered world of assumptions which enabled him to make light, easy jests at its inconsistencies and incongruities."You see," said Allingham, nodding his head and wiping his moustache with a handkerchief, "let the thing work on your[Pg 49] mind and you ally yourself with these town gossips. They'll talk this affair into a nine days wonder."


      "Our hostess has gone to rob a bank," the gentlemanly youth suggested.